The $12 Self-Tanner a Former Victoria's Secret Model Swears By

Updated 03/11/17
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The Best Drugstore Tanner

Finding the perfect at-home tanner can often feel like a relentless pursuit—anything more than messy, streaky, or orange is totally evasive, no? But leave it to a model with "Victoria's Secret" on her résumé to prove otherwise: In her recent Top Shelf profile with Into the Gloss, Shanina Shaik revealed that her go-to glow formula isn't just effective, but thrifty to boot.

In the interview—which features a ton of great product recommendations for a lit-from-within complexion, by the way—Shaik says that she's a fan of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($12) to add some vacation-worthy color. She doesn't stop there, either: The model also cops to using MAC Face and Body Foundation ($28) and Michael Kors Fabulous Body Lotion ($52) to amp up the glow and blur any imperfections.

The Best Drugstore Tanner
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs $12

It's certainly a recommendation to keep in mind as we kiss winter goodbye (see ya) and peel away our clothing layers to find who knows what. And if nothing else, let it serve as a reminder that even genetically blessed supermodels rely on some smoke and mirrors—or in this case, a whole arsenal of self-tanner.

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