Unboxed: A Golden Mask That Makes Your Pores Disappear

As a beauty editor, I’m used to putting certain things on my face: every cleanser under the sun, serums, moisturizers, and the occasional sheet mask when I know I’m settled in for a Great British Bake Off marathon. Things that I’m not used to putting on my face (or rather, spreading like icing with a spatula): golden goo that dries into a rubber mask that you later peel off, Hannibal Lector style. Alicia Yoon, our Korean-beauty correspondent, had told me about the rubber mask trend over in Korea, Shangpree’s Gold Premium Modeling Mask ($98 for five) in particular, but to be honest, it all just seemed like a lot of effort. Who’s got time to actually sit down and mix their own mask? (I realize that in reality this requires little to no effort whatsoever, but you underestimate the level of my laziness.) And yet, like the time I made surprise eye contact with Kanye West in Santa Barbara (I was on a bicycle; he was on the sidewalk; it was intense), this fabled rubber mask lingered on my mind for weeks, and I finally gave in and decided to include it in my latest unboxing. And because I have absolutely no embarrassment threshold and because I really, really love Byrdie readers, I decided it was only proper to give the golden flubber mask a go on camera.

To say I was surprised by the results would be an understatement—I was thoroughly blown away, flabbergasted, astonished, speechless at the instant brightening, pore-vanishing effect the mask had on my skin. I now understand why Alicia told me this mask is her absolute favorite—and if it weren’t for the slightly cringe-inducing price tag, I’d happily play Hannibal Lector Martha Stewart every day and mix together the mask batter to spread over my face. Like I mention in the video, the steep price tag doesn’t seem as unreasonable when you compare it to that of a facial—and I can honestly say the results are comparable. Plus, you can now buy the masks individually for just $20 if you want to dip your toe in. (For a budget-friendlier option, Korean brand Lindsay also makes a rubber mask set that’s only $11 for two mix-it-yourself pods—and they’re mineral oil– and paraben-free!) To see the mask in action (and take in the glory that is my golden goo-covered face), click the video above for my latest Unboxing!

If you, too, would like to spread gold batter all over your face, shop the mask below.