It's True: Your Shampoo Can Actually "Stop Working"

Have you ever noticed that over time, you hair just doesn't have that clean, voluminous look that it used to? Or maybe you find yourself washing you hair more frequently because the grease factor has increased, and you're not sure why? If you tend to use the same shampoo wash after wash (as we often do), then we have an answer for you: You can actually become "immune" to your shampoo.

"Just like the rest of your body, your hair can become immune to chemical agents, such as those in a shampoo. Because of this, your shampoo may not work as effectively over time. A shampoo's effectiveness can also be attributed to your hair texture and scalp—whether it is oily or dry—and the weather," says Mezei Jefferson, director of education at L'Oréal's Multi-Cultural Beauty Division.

Celebrity hairstylist Danny Jelaca adds that the physical makeup of your hair also accounts for a shampoo's effectiveness: "Shampoos have different cleansing agents and moisturizing agents. Because the hair has porosity, your hair can develop a build of ingredients, and switching the shampoo allows for buildup to be washed away and new moisturizers to affect the cuticle layers."

Jaleca recommends changing out your shampoos once a month or, if you don't want to change brands, using a clarifying shampoo or a scoop of baking soda once a week to really clean out your hair.

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Opening Image: Imaxtree