7 Health Mistakes You're Making Before, During, and After Sex

Raise your hand if you remember Salt-n-Pepa's '90s hit "Let's Talk About Sex." Well, either way, let's talk. To put it simply, sex encompasses a lot. It's one of those large-scale subjects that can take the conversation in several different directions. In short, sex is all the feels: It affects us emotionally, physically, and mentally. Yes, physically speaking, a lot is happening to our bodies during sex, but sex literally affects the frequencies in our brain.

There are so many benefits of good sex. It gives you energy, makes you happier, allows you to feel more comfortable with your body, and is an overall empowering experience. Wendy Strgar, sex expert and author of Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide to Awakening Your Erotic Life, said it best to Byrdie: "When you're having good sex, you're responsible for your sexual needs and have no problem asking for them. When you give up trying to prove something, there's space to really feel what it's like to be sensual with someone. Your body will then become a symphony of sensation."

A large part of responsible sex is being aware of the sexual health mistakes you could be missing. These mistakes could negatively affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically. And we're dedicated to uncovering it all so that you're well-informed to have the best sex you deserve. For both a reproductive health point of view and a wellness standpoint, we reached out to several experts who brought the most common sexual health mistakes to the surface.

Ahead, find a wealth of knowledge from Sheeva Talebian, MD, fertility specialist at CCRM New York; Lauren Steinberg, the founder of feminine wellness brand Queen V; Jordana Kier, the co-founder of tampon and reproductive care startup Lola; and Prudence Hall, MD, practicing gynecologist.