So, 7-Eleven Has Launched a Makeup Line

Updated 11/22/17
7-Eleven Beauty

Traditionally, our visits to 7-Eleven are reserved for slushies and petrol, maybe even a late night Maxibon run, but not anymore. I never thought I'd write this, but 7-Eleven now sells makeup. True story. 

As reported just this morning by Allure, the convenience giant has launched a cosmetics line called Simply Me Beauty, and everything is under $5 USD. It's not just a puny selection of glitters or lip balms either, we're talking a fully-fledged cosmetics line that covers everything from our complexions to our eyebrows. And while we're still waiting to get our hands on the products themselves, judging by the pictures, it looks pretty damn cool. 

Keep scrolling for a peek. 

7-Eleven Beauty Line

The range consists of mascara, false lashes, a sponge, lip gloss, brushes and palettes. According to Allure, there's also BB cream, wipes, brow products and concealer. It's cheap, convenient, and will be available 24/7, meaning it could most certainly come in handy when you run out of mascara late at night (hey, it could happen). 

While it isn't currently available in Australia, we'll make a point of snooping around next time we're filling up our petrol tank, because we're betting it's only a matter of time before Simply Me Cosmetics is here (right next to the Slurpee machine). 

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