The One Powder That Your Makeup Look Is Missing

Remember once upon time when “color correcting” only referred to editing images in Photoshop? Cut to 2016, when the term “color corrector” can be found on every beauty website and in every makeup bag. Better yet, think back to a time when dry shampoo was an oxymoron. The list goes on. Brow pomade, CC cream—even primer was once a mysterious product (today we prime everything). And the beauty world’s latest obsession du jour? Finishing powder, the delightful half-sister to setting powder.

To be fair, finishing powder isn’t exactly a new product—more like a makeup artist secret that’s just starting to make its way into the collections of beauty girls everywhere. While the pros have been finishing (and setting) makeup for ages, there still remain some questions for us nonprofessionals. In search of the answers, we asked Laura Mercier's director of global creative artistry, Benjamin Ruiz, to teach us his setting and finishing ways. Find out the real difference between setting powder and finishing powder below!