The Surprising Food That Prevents Weight Gain, According to Scientists

Flax and sesame seeds have already garnered buzz lately as superfoods du jour, but add another couple of points to their health game: In a new study, scientists at Harvard have found that these two seeds are not only chock full of nutritional goodness, but that consuming them can actually prevent weight gain.

The secret lies in plant-based compounds called lignans that are found in both flax and sesame seeds. (High-fiber foods like broccoli, sunflower seeds, cashews, and kale are also great sources.) The scientists found that women who consumed these compounds tended to gain less weight over time than those who ate them in smaller amounts. 

The study is preliminary, but hey, we'll always take an excuse to dive into a vat of hummus. 

Flax doesn't just do wonders from the inside out—it happens to be incredibly hydrating and nourishing for skin and hair, as well. Try Aveda's flax-fortified Shampure Conditioner ($40) for smooth, silky strands. 


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