Try This Genius Foundation Hack for the Smoothest Finish Ever



Of all of the endless makeup tips we encounter on the job, none seem quite as valuable as those that promise smooth, natural-looking foundation. A luminous, even complexion is always the end-all, be-all, and the ultimate goal is to make your coverage indiscernible from your bare skin, sans any two-toned cakiness.

The best approach we've nabbed from many a makeup artist is to combine your foundation with your skincare—by doing so, you're not just creating a seamless-looking tint but also giving your skin a much-needed boost of hydration (which is how celebs get that lit-from-within glow on the red carpet). Typically this entails mixing a cream formula with a moisturizer, but recently a skincare guru clued us in to an entirely different method that's nothing short of genius

Getting the coverage we need while simultaneously improving our skin? Suddenly it's not such a tall order.

What do you think of this tip? What's your go-to method for seamless foundation? Sound off below!