Serena Williams's New Muscle Care Line Helps You Recover Like a Pro Athlete

Meet Will Perform.

Serena Williams

Courtesy of Will Perform

Serena Williams finished her tennis career strong at the 2022 US Open this year, and just as her iconic outfit dazzled on the court, we had an inkling that her post-career moves would sparkle, too. Today, the GOAT adds "founder and managing partner” to her impressive resume with the launch of Will Perform, a topical pain relief and daily muscle care line. 

Will Perform Soothe lotion

Will Perform

The Brand

Williams aimed to create a product that people would use every single day, so she teamed up with two consumer packaged goods veterans, Hank Mercier and Eric Ryan. Together, the team created Will Perform, a topical pain relief and daily muscle care line that suits everyone—from those who lead active lifestyles, to pro-athletes like Williams herself. Unlike traditional pain relief products currently on the market, Will Perform includes products that instantly relieve pain or tension during recovery, and provide skin and muscle care on a daily basis. Additionally, all of Will Perform’s products are clean and cruelty-free, as well as beautifully designed to be something you want to show off instead of hide away.

Will Perfrom Pan Relief Roll On

Will Perform

The Inspiration

In her almost three-decade-long career, Williams pointed to her recovery practice as one of the key players in her success as a 23-time Grand Slam champion. “Recovery has played an integral role in my performance and professional success,” says Williams in a statement. “It’s a practice that can benefit anyone with an active lifestyle.” This inspired the Will Perform team to develop products that don’t just soothe pain after a killer workout class or tough game, but products that you can slot into your daily self-care routine; considering factors like formula efficacy, ingredients, design, application, and scent during production.

“I love transforming the mundane into a new experience that consumers will be excited to incorporate into their daily lives,” says Ryan. “You can’t expect people to adopt a ritual if it’s not enjoyable, and that’s where Will Perform feels truly disruptive. These are beautifully designed and thoughtfully formulated self-care products that consumers will look forward to using.” 

The Products

Will Perform includes a suite of products to assist recovery and daily muscle care. The launch includes: 

WILL Relieve Pain Relief Roll-On ($13): This formula contains a blend of 4% lidocaine and botanicals to deliver quick pain relief and is intended for both pre- and post-workout. If you aren't a fan of roll-ons, this exact formula is also inside the WILL Relieve Pain Relief Spray ($13). Both formulas are designed to be hands-free, with no need to rub the product in.

WILL Cool Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On ($13): Consider this formula like an ice pack in a bottle. This cooling formula contains a blend of menthol, camphor, and botanicals to reduce inflammation pre- and post-workout, as well as instantly relieve pain in muscles and joints.   

WILL Soothe Daily Muscle Soothing Lotion ($16): Swap out your daily post-shower lotion for this option that soothes muscles while moisturizing the skin. This creamy yet lightweight formula has magnesium to support recovering muscles, while ceramides lock hydration into the skin.

WILL Rest Nightly Muscle Recovery Lotion ($13): If you’re into soothing scents before hitting the hay, consider this lotion packed with lavender and geranium scents to lull you into a relaxing rest. Like Will Perform’s Soothing Lotion, this lotion contains magnesium, with added vitamin D to boost overnight recovery. Will Perform recommends using this on the shoulders and neck before heading to bed to moisturize the skin and release tension.

Whether you’re a full-blown athlete or work a job that requires you to stand on your feet, you’ll want to grab these goodies at

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