Serena Williams Reveals Her Worst Beauty Habit, and It's Surprising


Karwai Tang/Getty Images

We're all familiar with Serena's killer athleticism on the court, and fresh off her Wimbledon win, the tennis champ answers a whopping 73 rapid-fire questions about her personal life (and yes, some tennis) for Vogue. In the short video, we learn a slew of interesting tidbits about Williams from the sport she wishes to master (ballet) to how she defines beauty.

However, more surprising than the number of matches she estimates playing throughout her lifetime (over 1000!), the fact that Williams admits to a bad beauty habit was totally unexpected. When asked which bad habit she wants to break, Williams sheepishly responds, "I often sometimes bite my nails." We found this surprising, considering she's such an avid nail art fan, but it just goes to show that even the most disciplined athletes experience the same beauty mishaps as us.

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