Sephora's Weekly Wow Sale Is Offering Cult-Classic Lipstick for Almost 50% Off


I Melt for Makeup

By now we know how Sephora's Weekly Wow sale works all too well: The new sale products drop every Thursday morning both online and in-store. They're only kept on sale until the following Wednesday, or until supplies run out. A selection of super-popular and well-loved brands are a part of the sale each week, so you'll never be disappointed. And finally comes the fourth truth we know to be absolute: Each product is discounted up to 50% off. So no matter which one you can't live without, you can rest assured you're getting a seriously great deal.

This week's sale is all cult favorites. Whether you're in the market for a fail-safe liquid lipstick, a dramatic inky eyeliner, or a (pretty much) classic eye shadow palette, there's something for you.

Which sale items will you be purchasing this week? Let us know in the comments! Then, see Margot Robbie sport a totally unexpected but brilliant eye shadow shade.