These New Sephora Launches Will Give You Perfect Hair

There's a major dichotomy between summer hair and hair in, well, any other season. When it's cooler out, we put a bit more effort into our strands. We're inspired by fashion month, excited to try pretty updos and styles for the holiday season, and eager to test-drive buzzy new looks as we transition into springtime. But once summer rolls around, we adopt more of a laissez-faire policy. It's hot out; we don't want to deal. Period.

And it seems as though the market reflects our sentiments: The latest summer hair launches are all about low-maintenance beachy hair, styling tools optional. We looked to Sephora for some of the best new launches in this category, and we can't wait to spritz, smooth, scrunch our way through the rest of the season with these new-to-shelves mane perfectors. Take a look at them in all their glory below!

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