4 Secret Sephora Perks You Need to Know About

To us, just stepping inside Sephora is a perk in and of itself. It's an adult Candy Land of sorts—a safe haven where we can unleash our inner beauty fanatic. But Sephora lovers might not realize that there are insider tips even the most ardent fanatics don't know about—many that won't cost you a dime. PureWow recently shed light on some of these Sephora perks, which we've shared with you below. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Unlimitied Free Samples
Photo: @crystalcandymakeup

Don't be shy! You can get your hands on as many free samples as you like—all you have to do is ask. Sephora carries samples for a wide variety of its products from lipsticks to face masks. Whether you want to test a new product before making a commitment or just can't shell out the cash for a pricey product, Sephora has your back, no questions asked. 

A Full Makeover With a $50-Dollar Purchase
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Find yourself spending over $50 on your regular Sephora trips? Stretch your dollar(s) and get a full makeover with your purchase at no extra charge. You can even call ahead and schedule a Custom Makeup Application (or CMA) before your next big event! Plus, you can usually take home samples of the products they use on you, so you get even more out of your purchase. 

Beauty Concierge
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The beauty-obsessed know that our lifestyle is one that harbors many pressing questions and concerns. Luckily, VIB Rouge members have access to their own beauty concierge hotline. Sephora's "beauty advisors" are just a phone call away, and they have the answers (or product recommendations) for all your beauty woes. 

Free Mini Makeovers
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Sephora newbies, VIB Rouge members, and everyone in-between have access to free 15-minute makeovers—no purchase or membership required! The mini-makeover will include one part of your look, such as foundation or eyes, rather than a full face. This is a great way to see how Sephora products work on you and to learn new application techniques from an expert.

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