I Took Sephora's Free Class on No-Makeup Makeup—Here's What I Learned

When I first heard that Sephora would be offering free classes to its Beauty Insiders, I couldn't sign up fast enough. Even though I absolutely love applying makeup and I talk about it like it's my job (it is), I'd never taken an actual class. Suffice to say, I couldn't wait to dip my brushes in.

The first available class was a 90-minute session on no-makeup makeup. At first, I kind of chuckled a bit, considering the fact that a fresh-faced look shouldn't take over an hour to learn, right? But ironically, the class's long length intrigued me—What could we possibly be learning that takes 90 minutes? I wondered. And with that, I signed up and patiently waited for the day to arrive.

What are your favorite products for a no-makeup makeup look? Tell us below!

This post was originally published at an earlier dater and has since been updated.