The Best New Products at Sephora Right Now, Starting at $8

Taking a trip to Sephora is to beauty editors what swimming out in the open seas is to dolphins—it’s where we belong. Where else would we rather spend our days than in our natural habitat, surrounded by all kinds of shiny, luxurious beauty products? There’s nothing like the feeling we experience when we pop into the store or hop on to find that our favorite brands have launched new swag. Like a moth drawn to a flame, we’re emboldened and entranced by the effective, innovative, and downright gorgeous products that have come to Sephora as of late. We’re talking everything under the sun—unique devices and gadgets, scientific formulas, unprecedented skincare ingredients, and makeup that is simply to die for. We can’t possibly purchase it all (sigh), so here we’ve rounded up our absolute favorites. These are the products you don’t want to miss. Ready, set, go.

To see what’s new at Sephora this season, whip out your credit card and start clicking!

This post has been updated by Hallie Gould and Kaitlyn McLintock. Opening Image: Beauty Lookbook