This Is the #1 Most Popular Lipstick at Sephora (and It's Not What We Thought)

If you're reading this story (which you clearly are), then it's likely that you maybe, possibly, have a Sephora spending problem. (We mean that in a good way; where are my VIB Rouge members?) That said, how each of us chooses to exercise our Sephora dependence is a bit more of a mystery—until now.

If you've ever caught yourself stealing glances into other people's shopping carts in line at Sephora (and honestly, who doesn't do that?), the following information will be of interest. The Zoe Report recently released a list of the top 10 best-selling lipsticks at our favorite beauty mecca, offering some insight into how makeup junkies are spending their cash. Many of the products that made the list are surprisingly luxe—as it turns out, Sephora shoppers have high budgets when it comes to lip products. Curious to see which ones topped the list? Keep reading to count down the top three best-selling lipsticks at Sephora. (Number one might surprise you.)