Exclusive: Sephora Just Released Its Biggest Lip Launch Yet—and It's Only $8


We love Sephora's namesake makeup collection because it's budget-friendly, good quality, and easily accessible. While we're roaming the black-and-white aisles and picking up refills of some our favorite products, like Sunday Riley's C.E.O Antioxidant Protect and Repair Moisturizer($65), we can peruse the retailer's own products (like its eye shadows and brushes, which between you and me, rival its luxury counterparts). 

Today the beauty retailer announced a new product line that will mark the latest expansion to its beauty collection. As of today, 40 new lipsticks are available at Sephora. These lipsticks belong to the #lipstories line, which features a variety of shades, finishes, and unique packaging. 

"Wearing lipstick shouldn't just be for posting selfies on Instagram—it should be worn all the time," the brand wrote in a press release. "No matter what your go-to shade is, every lipstick look should have a story behind it; where you wore it, with who, what you did and how it made you feel." Keep scrolling to get your first look at Sephora's newest line of lipsticks.


The 40 shades of lipstick are long-lasting cream formulas that separate into three different finishes—matte, cream, and metal. They're also separated into 10 "mini stories," where four shades are grouped together to tie back to a special place, theme, or memory.

"#LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection is an amazing new line of 40 highly pigmented and long-lasting shades," Helen Phillips, National Makeup Artist for Sephora Collection said in a press release. "These collectable shades were created to celebrate wild adventures, favorite moments and magic memories that are yet to come, so embrace every color and texture in real life and share your story with us!" 

One of our favorite shades is All Washed Up (above), a bright cherry-red matte shade. The lipstick tube is wrapped in images of laundromat wash machines (how cute is that?). Similarly, the shade Festive Lights, an orange metallic shade, is covered with images of floating light lanterns. For every single shade, the packaging is unique and complementary. We absolutely love that—it makes big brand beauty feel a little more customized.

These lipsticks are only $8 each, which means we can purchase multiple shades versus splurging on one single luxury lipstick. They're available now exclusively on Sephora's mobile app (so grab your phone to see all 40 shades ASAP). If you don't have the Sephora app, or maybe you're phone just doesn't have even storage for another app (we've been there), they will become available tomorrow on Sephora's website and in brick-and-mortar stores nationwide.

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