This Magical Moisturizer Is the #1 Best-Selling Korean Beauty Product at Sephora

Trends come and go, but the way things are looking, K-beauty is here for the long haul. The proof is unavoidable; Korean girls have the most #flawless skin of anyone else on the globe. And here at Byrdie, we’re in a near-constant state of happy dancing as K-beauty favorites finally make their way to Sephora aisles. 

If you’re new to the wondrous world of K-beauty, you may need some help knowing where to start. After all, navigating an entire country’s worth of beauty products, especially a country as skincare-obsessed as South Korea, is difficult to say the least.

But whether you’re a K-beauty novice or are already obsessed with it, we hope this list gives you some inspiration. We consulted Sephora’s best-seller stats to put together a ranked roundup of the 15 cult products every beauty lover needs to try. From AmorePacific cushion compacts to Belief face creams, these are Sephora’s best-selling Korean products!