Sephora Collection's New Concealer Comes in 50 Full-Coverage Shades

Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer

Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection, the beauty retailer's namesake makeup and skincare line, is known for two things: high-quality products and accessible prices. The brand's ethos has resonated with beauty lovers everywhere, amassing over 841K followers on Instagram. While many of the launches have become fan favorites, one of the brand's hero products is the Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation—a hydrating, anti-pollution formula available in 50 shades. 

Today, the brand is expanding its popular Best Skin Ever range with a companion concealer. With an equally inclusive shade range and skincare-focused formula, the Best Skin Ever Concealer ($15) is bound to be another best-seller. Ahead, we spoke to Sephora's national makeup artist Helen Dagdag to find out everything you need to know about the new concealer.

The Product

Best Skin Ever Full Coverage Multi-Use Concealer
Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Full Coverage Multi-Use Concealer $15.00

Sephora Collection has released three concealers—the Bright Future Gel Serum Under Eye Concealer ($15), Clear and Cover Acne Treatment Cream Concealer ($14), and Make No Mistake Full Coverage Concealer ($14). However, Dagdag believes the Best Skin Ever Concealer is the most unique yet. She says the Sephora team has been developing it for two and a half years to perfect the product's performance and shade range. The resulting formula is full-coverage, creamy, and weightless. It's powered by ingredients like algae extract and hyaluronic acid, which provide anti-pollution and hydration benefits, respectively. 

The concealer is available in 50 shades, each being a one-to-one match to the Best Skin Ever Foundation. "It's our largest shade range yet," Dagdag points out. "It was really important to not only have 50 shades but also pay attention to the undertones. On the bottom of each concealer, it will have a letter that indicates the undertone. Y is yellow or golden, P is pink, and N is neutral."

Dagdag put the product to the ultimate test during the campaign shoot. "We had to shoot 50 models for our product page," she says. "That was a great test to see if it works on all ages and skin types." Through this process, she found all of the concealer's claims to be true—it was easy to blend and looked seamless on all of the models' skin.

How to Use It

Like all concealers, you can use the Best Skin Ever Concealer to conceal, highlight, or contour. However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind for the best application experience. While you can use your fingers or a sponge, Dagdag prefers a brush. "My favorite way to apply it is with an eyeshadow brush," she says. "A concealer brush can sometimes lay too much product on your skin. Since an eyeshadow brush has a bit more fluff, you can do a more targeted application and buff it out easily."

When concealing, Dagdag recommends taking a strategic approach to avoid applying too much product. "I only apply concealer to the areas where I don't have enough coverage or where I'm seeing blemishes and dark spots," she notes. 

My Review

Olivia Hancock wearing Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer

Olivia Hancock / Design by Tiana Crispino

I'm a fan of several Sephora Collection products, so I was eager to test the Best Skin Ever Concealer. I applied the shade 33N around my mouth and under-eye. Both areas can appear dull and dark, so I like to use concealer to brighten them. Using a sponge, I buffed the product into my skin and was immediately impressed by how effortlessly it blended into my skin. A little product goes a long way since it's full coverage. But, despite the high coverage level, this concealer leaves you with a beautiful natural finish. More importantly, my under-eye and mouth area felt comfortable and hydrated while I wore it all day (amid a sweaty morning and evening commute).

The Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer will be shoppable in-store and online beginning August 12.

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