11 Incredible Products Under $30 in Sephora's Checkout Aisle

The checkout aisle at Sephora is such a tease. You’ve just spent hours slowly going up and down each aisle, checking out the latest releases, revisiting your tried-and-true products, and turning your arm and hand into human swatch palettes. But then, after filling up your basket like you just won a shopping spree, you hit the (usually lengthy) checkout line, and there, right in front of you, lie travel-size products galore. They’re just waiting there for you to go through every single one, until you end up with at least five more items in your cart and suddenly the person behind the counter says, “Next!”

The best part about these small products is that you don’t have to commit to buying the whole kit and kaboodle straight away. Samples are nice, but having half of the product to give a try for a few weeks is even better. What we also love about this section of the store is that there are some full-size offerings, too, that just so happen to be affordable (and completely convincing purchases while you’re standing there for those five to 10 minutes). Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best checkout-aisle items that may be worth bypassing the rest of the store to get to (maybe). Check ’em out (before you check out!).

Is there another Sephora checkout-aisle staple you can’t resist? tell us about it in the comments!