The Best Concealer on the Market, According to Sephora Customers


When a product gets a bid of approval from Sephora's highly discerning customer base, we have to assume it's pretty damn good. And in the case of the beauty superstore's number one best-selling concealer, we can confidently join the chorus of seven thousand (!) positive reviews: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30) is ultra-blendable, long-wearing, and offers full (but luminescent!) coverage. Basically, all the components of a top-notch concealer.

And while we know how tricky it is to find such natural-looking coverage, what of the people who apply makeup for a living? Of all the concealers that makeup artists inevitably trial, does this Sephora best seller really stand out as a winner, or is just all hype? (Perhaps the real question is this: Are we missing out on something even better?) Keep scrolling to see what some of the top pros in the business have to say about it.

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