Sephora's Secret Online Community Is Like Reddit for Beauty Lovers


Urban Outfitters

Have you ever gotten lost on Sephora's website, mindlessly clicking through product after product, filling up your cart with things you just have to have? Yeah, us too. But what if all those clicks led you to a forum made up of like-minded beauty lovers, all talking about the latest and greatest products and tips? That's exactly what Racked found when the team discovered BeautyTalk, Sephora's practically secret online community.

The interface is simple and bare, almost like a Reddit page that uses Sephora's signature font. The content, however, is rich with tips, tricks, news, and personal anecdotes. Scrolling down the front page of most recent threads reveals titles as broad as "The Highlight Challenge," where users post photos of themselves wearing their most creative strobed look, to "Eyelash Growth Serum," in which users share their own personal experiences with well-known lash growth brands. (FYI: Lancer Lash Serum Intense, $150, is our favorite.)The answers are detailed and thoughtful, which is just what we would expect from anyone who is devoted enough to Sephora to seek out this hard-to-find page.