The True Story of a Woman Who Breaks Out From Practically Everything

I was a sophomore in college when I first entered the world of beauty. The moment my 19-year-old self saw a fully stocked beauty closet for the first time as an intern for Essence is forever etched in my memory. Seeing products galore was comparable to a kid in a candy shop—I was hooked. I went on to complete beauty internships for consecutive summers at Woman's Day and InStyle. Then, I got my first big-girl job as a beauty assistant at Now, I work on the best beauty team ever at the Byrdie HQ. 

In short, your girl's been around the beauty block a few times. You'd think, though, that after nearly six years of working in beauty I'd have the most glowing, gorgeous complexion ever.

The truth is, I'm a beauty editor, and my breakouts have never been worse.