The One Thing This Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

Chances are if you have sensitive eyes, you’ve been avoiding eye makeup like a bad date that won’t stop texting. You feel incompatible, it’s irritating, and you’re over it. Even the lightest coat of mascara or swipe of eyeliner can result in watery, itching eyes, and let’s face it—red eyes aren’t cute. But there’s one thing makeup artist William Murphy wishes you knew: You don’t have to avoid eye makeup altogether; “you just have to treat yourself better.”

Even the heaviest smoky eyes or most dramatic upside-down eyeliner looks are safe, as long as you know the proper techniques and use the right products. So we’re breaking it all down for you here because the latest eye makeup looks are too pretty to blow off. To start, arm yourself with hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested products, like those from Almay. Then, follow these easy application techniques for looks you can commit to.