Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Semi-Permanent Hair Color



Semi-permanent hair color is vastly underrated. It delivers vivid color without (too much) commitment. In fact, the four- to six-week lasting period is roughly equivalent to that of most color trends, meaning you can switch from rose gold to blorange to champagne pink and back again. It’s a trend spotter’s/lazy girl’s dream to start back at square one with natural color, no wait required.

Most people, though, aren’t completely familiar with the concept of semi-permanent hair color, which is why some of us are hesitant to try it. And for good reason, as there are some important questions that need answering. For example, does it wash out all at once? And what about haircare? Does a semi-permanent color require different maintenance products than a permanent dye? (Spoiler alert: The answers to these questions is a resounding no.) To learn more about semi-permanent hair color, including how to care for it and which brands and products to turn to, keep reading!

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