This New App Turns Your Favorite Selfie Into a Passport Photo

Selfies are an art form. The perfect lighting and the correct angle make for a stunning picture we want the world to see. Unfortunately, our passport and driver’s license photos don’t do us justice. Luckily, ItsEasy now makes it possible to turn your perfectly lit selfie into your passport picture. [PureWow]

From her very public transition to her new reality show, Caitlyn Jenner’s past year has been a whirlwind. Now it seems her empire will be expanding into a full line of cosmetics and skincare. To be continued… [Refinery29]

Fashion week is one of the most important fashion and beauty events of the year, but it’s not all glamorous. With a lot of running around backstage, things are bound to go wrong—and they do. Missing makeup kits and shoes that don’t fit are only a few of the backstage mishaps. [InStyle]

Lately it seems like new beauty trends are popping up left and right, and the latest may be the most whimsical. Ever wanted to look like a unicorn? No? The Internet thinks you should. [SheFinds]

For many of us, coffee is a morning (and life) staple. One man went over a year without having a sip… and his life completely changed. [HuffingtonPost]

Kate Hudson may be one of the queens of #fitspo, but she hasn’t always been. In an excerpt from her new book, Hudson describes how she now listens to cues from her body and how it has transformed her life. [InStyle]

Breaking up (with a bad habit) is hard to do. From picking at your skin to biting your nails, find out how to ditch that unwanted habit once and for all. [HuffingtonPost]

Getting your hair professionally colored can be a little daunting, and not knowing the proper term for your desired look can lead to disappointment (or even tears). Learn all the right names—and the result they bring—to get the perfect hair color. [PureWow]

Want to get the results of plastic surgery without actually having to go under the knife? Your contour palette isn’t just for your cheekbones anymore. []

Take a look at the top three contour palettes, all vetted and approved by makeup artists!