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The Self-Expression Issue

Self-Expression [noun]: the assertion of one's individuality; an expression of personal and unique authenticity

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letter from the editor

Hallie Gould

On set, Arden Cho sat with us all day. We ate lunch together, workshopped beauty looks, and stood side by side rummaging through the clothing racks. It’s rare to feel like you genuinely spent time with a celebrity during a cover shoot—often there are walls, handlers, and phone screens between you for most of the day. But it wasn’t like that with Arden. For those eight hours in L.A., she was one of us. She offered up energy that felt both assertive and “go with the flow” in equal measure. It was fun, easy, and collaborative.

With that in mind, we coined this issue The Self-Expression Issue, a nod to the light, happy feeling that comes along with articulating exactly who you are and what you want to show the world. Yes, this includes beauty and fashion, but in Arden’s case, it also guides the projects she chooses and the way she shows up on set. It’s part of the lasting impression she left on me.

In the issue, you’ll find stories about dismantling style systems, traditional “hotness”, and unexpected lessons about pregnancy and body image. We talk though the summer trends that have us feeling excited and, of course, we’ve slipped in some great summer shopping too. We partnered with Levi’s, a brand heavily wrapped up in my own self-expression—I’m a 501s gal through and through—as an ode to timeless, classic, and comfortable style (and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 501). So no matter what piques your own expressive juices, we’ve got you. I hope you feel as inspired as we do.

— Hallie Gould, editor in chief + GM

On the Cover

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Arden Cho Has Found Her Light

After more than 20 years of near-constant grinding, Arden Cho is finally taking a breather. What was originally planned as a two-week stay in South Korea has dragged into two months, and when the hotel lifestyle got old, she decided to rent an apartment in Seoul’s ritzy Cheongdam-dong area to soak it all in....

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The B Side

The B-Side

We're flipping the script and spotlighting the geniuses behind these looks.

arden cho b side

Get to Know Arden's Glam Team: Hairstylist TerraRose Puncerelli and MUA Sang Jeon

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