Selena Gomez's Vintage Floral Nails Are a Work of Art

We're in awe.

Selena Gomez


With the girly goth trend bubbling up this season, Selena Gomez is surprisingly the perfect celeb to look to for cute-yet-moody inspiration. Case in point: Gomez showed up to the 2023 Golden Globes looking like a straight-up goth princess, and on February 16, her manicurist, Tom Bachik, revealed her dark vintage floral nails.

In the photo posted to Bachik’s Instagram, we see few details from the Rare Beauty founder’s outfit, aside from what looks like could be a black coat. But it doesn’t really matter because the details are all in Selena’s manicure. Her medium-length nails are filed into an almond shape, with a glossy black base. Bachik hand-painted various flowers onto each nail, creating a hyper-realistic design—they could easily pass for real pressed flowers—with muted white, periwinkle, violet, and yellow petals, along with gold-leaf centers. Instead of creating negative space between the flowers, Bachik applied gold around the petals to resemble leaves.

Bachik is known for his elegantly simple manicures (like Nicola Peltz Beckham’s perfect French manicure and Jennifer Lopez’s diamond-studded lip gloss nails)—but this goes down as one of his more artistic pieces of work. In the same way chinoiserie wallpaper features few empty spaces between intricate patterns, Bachik paid close attention to detail when creating Gomez’s manicure, using shading to separate each flower petal, as well as ombre effects to create depth in the floral design. 

It's also the perfect transitional manicure while we wait for the warm weather to really kick in. The florals are an optimistic nod to spring, while the dark base and rich gold tones pair perfectly with the jackets and boots we're still wearing.

If you're into the idea of going all out with your floral manicure like Selena, you can dip your toes in creating nail art with regular nail polish and nail art brushes. But if you're still working on your skills when it comes to drawing a flower, you can recreate this look by placing various nail decals onto each nailbed until you achieve a maximalist design.

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