Selena Gomez's New Buzzed Haircut Was a Last-Minute Decision

Updated 05/04/18

If we're being honest, Selena Gomez isn't exactly the biggest risk-taker when it comes to her mane. She's gotten some short chops, bangs, and experimented with blue and purple streaks, but up until she went "Nirvana blonde" for the AMAs this year, we'd almost exclusively seen the singer with beachy raven locks—less edgy, more polished and trendy. That is, until yesterday, when Sel debuted the most outside-the-box beauty look we've ever seen on her.

While inconspicuous when her hair is down, Gomez's fresh undercut makes a huge statement when her hair is gathered high, like in tightly braided pony. Hairstylist Tim Dueñas credited Gomez for the decision, telling Page Six that she told him, "'When I want to go for something, I do it.' I think she just wanted a change."

The buzz took all of 10 minutes for Dueñas to create, opting for a tight triangle shape that's only visible when her hair is worn up. "It leaves her with a lot more versatility in how to wear her hair. She can wear it down; she can do a ponytail. You kind of have to think about all the options for her!" With all that Selena has been through this year (health scares, heartbreak, etc.), a game-time edgy hair decision sounds like exactly what she needs.

Pantene Expert Intense Hydration

Gomez, like us, says she'll wait one to two days between shampoos to keep her hair healthy, and when she does suds up, she uses this moisturizing duo. 

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While she may be a brand ambassador for Pantene, Gomez once told Into the Gloss that Oribe is "good for everything." She's a big fan of the cult-favorite texturizing spray for beachy tresses.

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Gomez's shiny, sleek strands are the result of intense overnight conditioning. She tells Vogue that she deep conditions her hair, wraps it up, and lets it work its magic while she sleeps. In the morning, the "dead on the ends" look she had the day before is gone. 

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This alcohol-free spray was Gomez's go-to during her Revival tour—for her signature full, voluminous waves, she sprayed her hair before curling, then sprayed again after it was styled, and throughout the show for touch-ups. "I would say we go through about a quarter of a bottle [every show]… " her stylist Marissa Marino explains.

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