Here's What Selena Gomez Would Buy From Ulta


Larry Busacca/Getty

Celebrities' beauty budgets aren't exactly on our level. This summer, Kylie Jenner was reported to have dropped $1200 on a casual trip to Sephora. This spring, Gwyneth Paltrow's daily skincare bill was found to cost to $737. We'll give you a second to process.

Understandably, we get pretty excited when we find out that a celebrity's favorite products are actually affordable. Recently, we discovered that Selena Gomez in particular has more budget-friendly essentials than the average celebrity—in fact, a substantial percentage of her favorite skincare, makeup, and hair products can be found at Ulta for $30 or less.

If all it takes to reach Gomez's goddess level is a $30 trip to Ulta, we knew we had to alert the public. So, we rounded up the following list of products that Gomez not only recommends but personally uses on the reg. Keep scrolling to find nine amazing products Selena Gomez would snag at Ulta!