Selena Gomez's Skittles Manicure Proves You Can Wear Brights in the Winter

And look great doing so.

Selena Gomez selfie

Selena Gomez

Who says you have to stop wearing bright colors once winter rolls around? Other than outdated fashion rules, the answer is: no one—and Selena Gomez is a prime example of how to wear every color imaginable during the cooler temps. Gomez’s nail artist, Tom Bachik, recently created a rainbow manicure for the singer, which she wore to Variety's 2022 Hitmakers Brunch.

“When Sel says she likes them all,” wrote Bachik on Instagram, explaining the inspiration behind the mani. The actress and Executive Producer of Only Murders in the Building wore a multi-colored "Skittles" manicure with hot pink, green, turquoise, blue, and purple shades. In the photo, Gomez posed with her iPhone and the Aspinal of London Mini Madison Tote ($670) in black croc. Later on the red carpet, she wore a black sleeveless midi dress, gold and black bracelets, and black heeled sandals that juxtaposed her bright nails.

Selena Gomez in a black dress on the red carpet


By pairing her rainbow nails with an all-black ensemble, Gomez proves that bright and dark colors can coexist if you wear them correctly. Gomez used her eye-catching manicure as an accessory, much like you would wear a statement necklace to liven up an outfit. Also, this manicure is just more evidence in favor of opting for an untraditional manicure for the holidays instead of classic red or glitter.

Selena Gomez rainbow nails


Bachik reveals that he used a mix of Mia’s Secret Gelux nail polishes to get Gomez’s manicure *just* right (he didn't mention the shade on her thumb, but we have a good guess). In order from Gomez’s thumb to the pinky finger, Bachik applied shades Magenta (we think), PeppermintMaya BlueBlue de France, and Peace & Love. He opted for a medium length, and an almond shape that elongates the fingers.

If Gomez’s manicure inspires you, then you’re in luck—this one is super simple to recreate. All you have to do is choose five colors that speak to you and paint them on each of your fingernails. You can use any colors in your collection or select a nail polish kit with various colors. Whichever way you approach it, you’ll indeed be rocking the most playful yet elegant manicure at your next holiday event. 

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