8 Times Selena Gomez Was Refreshingly Honest About Body Image

Updated 09/23/16
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It's not easy to stay grounded when you're a bona fide superstar, but we know we can always rely on Selena Gomez to keep it real—especially in the face of gossip and criticism. Case in point: her stellar mic-drop moment on Instagram earlier this year, when she silenced her haters with an amazing swimsuit snapshot and a simple hashtag: #TheresMoretoLove.


But that's just one example of Gomez's gloriously accurate views on self-esteem and treating yourself with respect. Bookmark this page for those days when you're feeling ugh, because these eight quotes are sure to give you a boost.

"I feel very empowered and confident and comfortable with where I am. And I think it took me a long while to get there because, you know, the past year was so interesting because I've never been body-shamed before ... I did gain weight, but I don't care."

Source: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

"I'm learning that you can be comfortable and still look beautiful."

Source: InStyle UK

"I hate Twitter. I love fries."

Source: Twitter

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"Some days, I like what I see. Other days I'm like, 'I'm not even going to bother.'"

Source: InStyle UK

"I love being happy with me. #theresmoretolove"

Source: Instagram

"Because then the next day, it wasn't about how I gained weight, it was about how I embraced it. And that's just kind of my approach."

Source: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

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"You should be able to post what you want, say what you want, be what you want, without anybody judging you or making you feel like your self-value is from an Instagram post or from people liking your post. People get so affected by that."

Source: Google Hangouts

"If you are able to look yourself in the mirror every day with the decisions that you make, that's where power starts."

Source: Seventeen

Amen, sister. Which is your favorite quote? Tell us in the comments below!

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