This Is The Exact Shade of Lipstick Selena Gomez Wore on the Red Carpet


Steve Granitz/Getty

Selena Gomez has unknowingly clued us into some amazing products and trends. When she stepped out this fall wearing a Tom Ford purple-brown nail polish, we tried the exact same shade for ourselves (and loved it). In fact, it was one of our favorite shades of the season. When she took a selfie with slick strands, she proved to us that the wet-look hairstyle wasn't just a passing fashion week trend, but a bonafide style that can be wearable IRL. Fairly recently, she stunned us all by debuting platinum blonde hair, which proves that no matter what, she's always ahead of the style curve.

Now, she's responsible for our latest lipstick purchase, after InStyle reported the exact brand and shade she wore on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. It's a subtle, rosy-pink color that's perfect for wearing daily, whether at the office, at home, or running errands. It just might be our first lipstick purchase of 2018. Keep scrolling to see which lipstick is Selena Gomez–approved.