Selena Gomez Proves Neon Peach Is The #1 Manicure Color of The Summer

Updated 06/21/19
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Right now, we're nearing the end of our mission to find the best summer nail color. This is a mission we take on every year. We normally begin in early spring, by saving manicure pictures on Instagram (#inspo). By late spring, we're testing various colors and narrowing our focus. By the start of summer, we've been to the salon multiple times and we've consulted the experts. Now that it's mid-June, we feel like we can officially call it: the #1 nail color of the summer (so far at least) is neon peach.

For proof, look to Selena Gomez. Yesterday, her manicurist, Tom Bachnik, posted a picture of her wearing a vivid shade of orangey-peach nail polish, and it sent Instagram into a frenzy—seriously though, it's been up for only 24 hours and it has 15,000 likes and counting.

Here it is: neon peach nail polish. The bright shade looks especially summery when photographed under golden light, like it is here. Bachik captioned the photo, "Selena Gomez wanted a peachy orange 🍊 how good is this color and nail shape on her though?!" The answer to his question is good, very good.

The nail polish he used was from Tammy Taylor Nails. After doing some light investigating, we think the shade he used was Mesmerized ($10); it has the same bright, almost neon, quality as Gomez's nails.

Gomez isn't the only person who's wearing neon peach nail polish. It's slowly taking over Instagram one #nailfie at a time. Keep scrolling to see some more examples of the coveted neon peach nail polish.

Manicurist Chelsea King created this cool neon peach manicure by using OPI's Can’t Afjörd Not To ($8). The cool graphic accent nails aren't required, but they're certainly encouraged.

Here's another orange manicure from King. This time, she pairs the vibrant orange shade with an equally bright yellow polish. It makes for a manicure that's both citrusy and summery.

Another color we recommend pairing with neon peach polish is bright red. It's just as summery as a peach-and-yellow combo, but gives a cool gradient effect, since the colors look almost indistinguishable.

Embrace the name of this trend by painting actual peaches on your nails. This fruity design was hand painted by nail artist Kesang Gurung.

Even color-averse people can get in on the neon peach trend. Start by painting your nails with a base of nude polish, before placing two dots of orange onto each nail. It's really that simple.

Essie's Soles on Fire ($9) is a neon orange polish from the brand's Summer Trend Collection (see? It really is a top-trending nail shade).

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