Selena Gomez Is Making Dirty Martini Nails a Thing

The booziest manicure color trend for the autumn season.

Selena Gomez wearing olive green nails

Selena Gomez / Tom Bachik

From her viral makeup videos to her cosmetics line Rare Beauty (a must-have amongst makeup enthusiasts), Selena Gomez is quickly dominating the beauty world. Recently, the actress showed off her martini manicure, which has caused quite a frenzy on social media, and it’s giving us major nail inspiration for the upcoming season!

Tom Bachik, Gomez’s long-time manicurist, shared a photo of her most recent nail look on Instagram, and let's just say it's sure to be the booziest trend this autumn. “Olive this color on [Selena],” Bachik captioned the photo. 

To be honest, this hue was an instant reminder that we are in need of a girls' night out. Although we're not sure what inspired the manicure, it appears to be influenced by a martini—the classic cocktail traditionally served with an olive, a favorite of the well-known spy, James Bond. “The weather is finally starting to break a bit in some regions, so we're going to start seeing these sort of colors more as people gear up for all things Fall!” says Hana Javelle, co-founder of BlkGirlNailfies. According to the nail enthusiast, earth tones are coming back to the forefront to bring a little warmth to the cool season ahead. 

The Only Murder’s in the Building actress adored CND’s Shellac Olive Grove ($15), which she reportedly chose herself. She has quite the knack for that. Not only is it pretty to view, but it's also super trendy, so count on seeing it a lot this season!

If you're looking for a new nail design to try out this autumn, give Selena's martini manicure a shot. Ahead, see the five martini manicures for additional inspiration. 

Green Olives

Seriously, how cute? These negative space nails with green olive designs are giving us positive vibes. 

Gold Foil Accent

Gold accents will never go out of style. The simplicity of the design makes it even easier to replicate or elevate with your own personal touch.

Lush Greens

Sometimes a simple is sweet.  With just the right color a few simple strokes are all you need to complete your look. If you must have a design or two for personalization, Javelle suggests adding fun stickers or 3D textures.

Abstract Olives 

These olives are definitely shaken—not stirred. This abstract olive nail design—pimento included—has us a little tipsy and excited to make our next nail appointment.  

French Tips 

French tips are a classic, why not modernize the classic with a new color? If you’re wondering about the best shape to compliment these nails, Javelle says square, oval, or an almond shape compliments deep, rich colors and earth tones.

It just may be time for the Glazed Donut trend to take a backseat with summer quickly coming to an end. 

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