Selena Gomez Just Debuted Her Own Take on the Lip Gloss Nails Trend

So pretty.

Selena Gomez selfie


Selena Gomez has been a nail icon since her days on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In fact, she's the reason why I bought my first bottle of black nail polish (which I paired with striped arm warmers, of course). Today, she tends to opt for sunnier colors like buttercup yellow, olive green, and even rainbow "Skittles" manicures, but she's also a fan of a subtle mani now and again. Her latest? A spin on the lip gloss nails trend.

On May 22, Gomez's longtime nail artist, Tom Bachik, shared a photo of the star. She's holding a bottle of the Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer (which, Bachik notes in the caption, is back in stock) and wearing an orange top. Her waves are long and loose, and she's wearing soft taupe eyeshadow and juicy jelly lips.

Selena Gomez wearing lip gloss nails


Not only is she showing off her viral tinted moisturizer, but the photo also gives us a great glimpse at Gomez's manicure. Her nails are long and have a rounded square shape. They're basically the epitome of the lip gloss nail trend, thanks to their sheer, rosy pink color. As a refresher, lip gloss nails are exactly what they sound like: A sheer, shiny wash of pink or nude that makes your nails look effortlessly pulled together.

Lip gloss nails have their roots in a few existing trends: jelly nails, a bright but sheer wash of color on the nail or the tips; the controversial, minimal “Clean Girl” aesthetic; and the frosty, shimmery glazed donut nails popularized by Hailey Bieber. If all these trends got together and had a baby, you’d have lip gloss nails. While they come in plenty of shades, the cornerstones of the trend are that super pale pink, sometimes almost translucent against the nail, and a shiny finish—just like your favorite Lancôme Juicy Tube ($20) of yore or today’s Tower 28 Beauty Jelly Lip Gloss ($15). 

The best part? The manicure couldn't be easier to do at home. Celebrity nail artist Sonyua Belakhlef previously told us to try Orly's First Kiss and Rose-Colored Glasses, a pale pink and sheer rose creme, respectively. “They offer this semi-sheer, glossy neutral look,” they share, noting that the colors are available in both gel and regular polish. “Gel also gives the extra ‘jelly’ look more naturally as it’s more viscous,” they explain. Belakhlef also likes Cirque Color’s Rose Jelly, a milky sheer pink, and Chiffon, a sheer ballet pink.

Lip gloss nails are an easy-to-wear crowd-pleaser, but Belakhlef especially likes the look on longer nails. “While you don't need to have super long nails to rock this, they look great on nails with a little extra length,” they share. It’s also versatile. “This manicure is perfect to wear anywhere,” says Belakhlef. “It's a great bridal look, for holiday parties or special events, and even just a good daily look. What's fun is that you don't have to worry about matching your outfit or jewelry specifically to your nails.”

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