Selena Gomez's Extra-Long Braid Is Her Coolest Look Yet

Her hairstylist breaks it all down,

Selena Gomez with an extra-long braid


Hot off a brand-new spring collection, Selena Gomez has blessed us with another new product, the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil ($20). Lip oils have been around for years, but the Rare Beauty lip oil has a jelly texture that moisturizes the lips and provides a gorgeous flush of color that's Byrdie-approved. On March 29, Rare Beauty hosted a party in New York to celebrate the launch, with Gomez herself making an appearance with a hip-grazing braid that stopped us in our tracks.

Gomez’s all-black outfit was giving business woman, and she wore a satin off-the-shoulder button-up, flared Proenza Schouler pants, and a fluffy long coat by Mango. She accessorized with a Delvaux purse, pointed-toe Paris Texas heels, and oversized white and gold stud earrings.

Selena Gomez in an extra-long braid

Her outfit has a sleek quality to it, and she paired the look with a lengthy braid that's equally as slick. Her hairstylist, Orlando Pita, breaks down the steps he took to get the style.

“I started by applying Orlando Pita Play Strong Bond Split End Sealant ($18) to the edges of Selena’s hairline to use as a paste to help control her hair,” says Pita. “I then sprayed my brush with the Orlando Pita Play Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hair Spray ($22) and pulled her hair back into a ponytail at the middle of the crown of the head.”

After setting her ponytail and slicking down her hair, Pita attached hair extensions to the ponytail with a pin. “I applied Orlando Pita Play Magnifying Glass Intensive Polish Serum ($15) to define the three sections of the braid and applied it to each individual section to create added shine.” Pita reveals that he applied the Strong Bond Split End Sealant onto his fingers while braiding “to ensure the braid was smooth and that every strand of hair was incorporated into the braid.”

Selena Gomez with an extra-long braid at a Rare Beauty event

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Finally, Pita grabbed the Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hair Spray again and sprayed the entire style to set it for the evening and ensure that every last strand stays in place.

Gomez told us how she incorporates the Rare Beauty Lip Oil in her routine: “For a natural, everyday makeup look, I really like Hope, a nude mauve. I'll pair it with the Kind Words Matte Lip Liner ($15) in Worthy, a muted mauve, or something a little more pink like Humble, a rose mauve." To glam it up for the evening, though, Gomez’s makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, reveals in an Instagram post that he paired her smokey eye and sharp wing with the lip oil in shade Honesty for the cherry on top of her night-out-in-NYC look.

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