Selena Gomez Eats This Food Right After She Wakes Up Each Morning

Updated 10/12/17
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Selena Gomez has dealt with an intimidating set of health issues over the course of her life. Earlier this year, she revealed that she was diagnosed with lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that causes her to experience anxiety and panic, among other sometimes debilitating effects. To combat this, she has buckled down on her diet and fitness routine, incorporating healthy foods into her diet and carving out time for working out.

Then, just last month, Gomez took to Instagram to open up about a recent surgery that she underwent. In the post, she explained that she had undergone a kidney transplant after her own was ailing from the effects of the autoimmune disease. Since then, she's been pictured out and about, attending fashion week and serving us her signature chic hair and makeup moments, so it appears that she's back on the mend.

According to MSN, though, Gomez isn't taking her health for granted. Each morning, she wakes up and eats a portion of a popular health food in order to bolster her well-being. Keep scrolling to see which food Gomez eats each and every morning. 

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Her go-to breakfast food is none other than pure ginger. She either eats a piece of the root completely raw, or she takes a shot of it in liquid form since there are so many purported health benefits. One study published in The Journal of Preventative Medicine found that ginger works like an antioxidant and exhibits anti-inflammatory behavior. Another study shows that it might have effectively prevent certain diseases of the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger has historically been used for these purposes.

Pretty cool, right? 

"It's killing everything inside! All of the bad things," she told James Corden during her Carpool Karaoke appearance while they drank a shot of liquid ginger. "You're not going to get sick!"

Aside from its wellness benefits, ginger also has been shown to offer amazing beauty benefits, namely for your skin and hair. It's been shown to fade scars, combat dandruff, and promote hair growth, among other things. Be right back, we have to go brew ourselves a cup of ginger tea (we'll be using Yogi Organic Ginger Tea Packets $4). 

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