Secret Is Launching the Cutest Mini Deodorants Called "Freshies"

There are certain personal care items that aren't as exciting as, say, buying a fresh eye makeup palette or a brand-new lipstick. We're talking about things like makeup remover, toothpaste, and yes, deodorant. We use these things every single day, and we definitely consider them necessary to our routines, but they lack a certain luxuriousness (or cuteness, maybe?). Because of that, they fail to inspire the same enthusiasm and delight as our other beauty and wellness products.

One company is testing that theory with a new product. We're talking about Secret, the classic drugstore brand that has been around since what seems like forever. It has just released a new collection of deodorant products, and the least we can say is that it's cute. Seriously. Cute and discreet deodorant exists. What can we say? Sometimes it's all about the packaging.