How a Secret Facebook Group Changed My Beauty Routine Forever


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Beauty lovers tend to look in the same traditional places for tips, news, and inspiration. There are magazines and sites like Byrdie, as well as blogs and social media accounts. But recently, the best, most insider-y beauty knowledge I’ve encountered has come from a deeply unexpected source. In fact, it’s not just unexpected, it’s top secret. Literally.

This underground trove of beauty wisdom happens to exist in a secret Facebook group to which I was invited by an in-the-know colleague at Byrdie. The group’s name when I joined was “Beauty and Style Friendship Club,” though it has changed monikers multiple times since. (In the spirit of secrecy, I won’t reveal its current name.)

At first, I approached the group with skepticism. It seemed silly: virtual strangers exchanging beauty tips? What’s the point? We have Pinterest for that.

But within a few hours of scrolling through the bustling discussion board, my skepticism dissolved. The group’s description beckons its 4900 members to post “anything beauty, fashion, or style related.” You’d think this would be a recipe for anarchy, spam, and self-promotion. But take a quick scroll down the page, and you’ll find an impressive array of eclectic, fascinating content: photos of unique and skillfully executed makeup looks, new product recommendations, links to relevant articles, cautionary tales about certain products, and more. There is a strict no-spam policy, and people respect it.

For hours, I found myself admiring members’ posts and the supportive responses roll in. I watched as people bragged about a new look or asked an embarrassing question and didn’t receive an ounce of judgment. Soon it became clear that this group isn’t just a cliquey Pinterest alternative; it’s a safe space for a diverse community to geek out together about beauty. (I even came across a few celebrity members, whom, again, I won’t reveal out of respect.) I know, I know, I sound like a convert to a cult. But I promise I was the most surprised of anyone to discover that this Facebook group is a beautiful thing. 

Furthermore, it’s informative. As a beauty editor, I tend to think I’m ahead of most trends. But the eclectic, fast-paced nature of this group allows under-the-radar beauty news and products to spread like wildfire.

In the weeks since I’ve been a member, I’ve acquired a wealth of new beauty knowledge. Curious to find out how a secret Facebook group rocked my beauty game? If so, keep reading.

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