17 Designer Gifts Under $1K to Shop Secondhand

Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Prada bag, and Gucci wallet

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After scrolling past about a thousand gift guide videos on my For You Page, I’ve decided to get off TikTok and do what I do best—shop online. But instead of shopping for myself, I’m scouring secondhand sites to find the very best giftable luxury items, from Gucci water bottle holders to Hermés scarves.

If you feel like a fashionista on your gifting list is too good for the usual gift guide selection of bath bombs, candles, holiday PJs and fuzzy platform slippers, consider catering to their luxury side and buying something from a consignment boutique.

Keep in mind, a secondhand gift isn’t for everyone. Some people only like receiving gifts that are new, so know your audience! And of course, your bestie/cousin/sister/frenemy doesn’t expect you to give them something luxury this season. But if you are shopping for someone you think might delight in some secondhand designer goods, you’ve come to the right place.

Along with considering your giftee’s personal style, there are two big things to pay attention to when browsing the secondhand market. The first is that you’re only looking at sites with rigorous authentication processes, so your options are legit. My favorites include Fashionphile, Rebag and eBay, the latter of which recently began putting a heavy emphasis on their luxury selection.

The second thing to keep in mind is the condition of the item in question. Some sites have a handy “giftable” option, meaning everything comes in its original packaging, as if directly from the designer boutique. Pristine, new, and excellent are also all up to gifting standards, as I’d personally skip out on anything too worn.

Below, I’ve rounded up just a few fun bits that caught my eye on the secondhand market, but I recommend devoting a few hours to a good scroll sesh on the site of your choosing. To get you started, shop Prada, Fendi, Bottega and more below—all for under $1K.

Woven Silk Fringe Vichy Wrappy Scarf
Fendi Woven Silk Fringe Vichy Wrappy Scarf $195.00

Silk scarves are an incredible way to shop designer brands without breaking the bank. This slender Fendi scarf is in giftable condition—meaning it comes in its original box—and would look great tied around one’s neck, worn as a headband, or tied to the handle of a bag.

Silk Grand Theatre Nouveau Scarf 90 Bleu Vieux Rose Vert
Hermès Silk Grand Theatre Nouveau Scarf 90 Bleu Vieux Rose Vert $450.00

Perhaps the most coveted silk scarves are from Hermés—fortunately, it’s not uncommon to find gorgeous options on secondhand sites. This one is also in giftable condition, arriving in its original box.

Mamma Baguette Shoulder Bag
Fendi Mamma Baguette Shoulder Bag $288.00

Fendi baguettes never go out of style, but I’m partial to the Mamma Baguette, a slightly larger silhouette that’s a bit easier to see when worn on the shoulder. This particular purse doesn’t come with the original dust bag and box, but a friend seeking a great everyday bag may not be bothered by a bit of wear and tear.

Felix-02 Pilot Sunglasses
Tom Ford Felix-02 Pilot Sunglasses $295.00

Sunnies are a great designer option you can snag secondhand for under $500, and these Tom Fords feature tinted blue lenses and come in giftable condition in their original case.

GG Plus Bottle Carrier
Gucci GG Plus Bottle Carrier $295.00

Consider this wildcard pick an option for the giftee who has everything. No one needs a designer water bottle holder, but when shopping from luxury brands, aren’t we focusing more on wants, anyway? This baby is categorized as excellent condition, with just a few scratches noted on the hardware.

Geometric Sunglasses
Prada Geometric Sunglasses $395.00

Prada’s triangle symbole is having a major moment, so snagging these sunnies in giftable condition—complete with case and box—is a major score. Especially since silver is slated to replace gold as fashion’s metal of choice in 2023.

Wicker Padlock Crossbody Bag
Salvatore Ferragamo Wicker Padlock Crossbody Bag $420.00

Another great leather shoulder bag option, this little Ferragamo in excellent condition features a unique wicker-wrapped padlock I can’t say I’ve seen anywhere else. Snag this one for the giftee who has minimalist style, but dreads wearing the same thing as everybody else.

Printed Tessuto Tall Shopping Tote
Prada Printed Tessuto Tall Shopping Tote $425.00

Prada’s nylon totes are a great investment for anyone seeking a luxury work bag they won’t have to baby. There are tons of all-black iterations on the secondhand market, but I recommend opting for something more exciting, like this unique blue floral version in excellent condition.

Vintage Timepiece
Gucci Vintage Timepiece $429.00

Yes, the Gucci watch with the interchangeable colored bezels that was trending on TikTok is a great luxury watch to snag secondhand, but I’m here to present a just-as-fun alternative. This resin and mother of pearl watch comes New with tags, and any Gucci fan would favor the brand’s signature colorway over a neutral metal watch.

Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Leather Mini
Hermès Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Leather Mini $450.00

If your giftee is trying to get offered a quota bag in store, don’t buy their Birkin bait secondhand; instead, let them build a relationship with their sales associate. On the other hand, if they love the brand but aren’t ready to drop thousands of dollars on a handbag, this bracelet with the signature Kelly clasp in excellent condition might be a welcome treat.

Damier Ebene Pochette Cosmetique
Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Pochette Cosmetique $550.00

Louis Vuitton lovers can never have too many SLGs (small leather goods), so this makeup pouch is a no-brainer for any LV fans in your life. It’s labeled as excellent condition, and you can use it to hold whatever you like, from cosmetics to tech accessories to snacks. Who doesn’t love a versatile gift?

Leather Pico Baguette
Fendi Leather Pico Baguette $580.00

This is definitely a gift for the friend that appreciates an impractical fashion moment. Fendi micro-bags are small pieces that make big statements, and this one in excellent condition features a thick guitar strap in a cherry red and black print.

Metal LV Charm Cat Eye Sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Metal LV Charm Cat Eye Sunglasses $595.00

Oversized, Paris Hilton-inspired sunnies are set to make a comeback in 2023, so your most dramatic friend is deeply in need of this pair from LV. Available in giftable condition with the box, case and pouch, the star of the show is the little LV logo dangling from a chain on one of the arms.

Chanel Black Caviar CC Cigarette Case
Chanel Chanel Black Caviar CC Cigarette Case $598.00

Now, hear me out. Even though it’s in excellent condition, I don’t think you should use this for cigarettes (because I don’t think you should smoke cigarettes). All I’m saying is that this would be a great little carrying case for lipsticks, business cards,  jewelry, or any other mini unmentionables.

GG Canvas New York Yankees Zip Around Wallet
Gucci GG Canvas New York Yankees Zip Around Wallet $630.00

Your native New Yorker BFF definitely lusted over this over-the-top Yankees collaboration when it first dropped. Imagine surprising them with the limited edition wallet in very good condition? Prepare to win the World Series of Gift Giving.

Tessuto Pocket Cargo Bag
Prada Tessuto Pocket Cargo Bag $925.00

Prada’s nylon bags are some of the most popular styles on the secondhand market, and I’m always on the hunt for silhouettes that feel especially unique. This bubblegum pink cargo pocket moment definitely checks that box, and it’s available now in excellent condition. Unless I buy it before you... Kidding! Kind of.

Nappa Intrecciato Large Hobo Bag
Bottega Veneta Nappa Intrecciato Large Hobo Bag $995.00

At the top of our $1K price point is a genuine leather bag featuring Bottega Veneta's signature Intrecciato weaving. Available in excellent condition, I foresee the secondhand value of these bags going waaaay up next year when hobo bags reign supreme. You heard it here first.

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