8 Hairstyles That Look WAY Better on Second-Day Hair

blonde fishtail braid

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Some days, we wake up with the boundless energy and productivity levels of a thousand Energizer bunnies. Most days, however, are not like this. No, most days, we form a close bond with our alarm’s snooze button, and forgoing our morning shower seems a small price to pay for a precious few more moments swapping hair secrets with Mr. Leto (in our dreams, obvi).

On mornings like this, you have two choices: leave your second-day hair down in its dirty, raggedy glory, or take advantage of its textured state and try a cool new ‘do. (We recommend the latter.) Need ideas? We’ve got eight. Keep scrolling for easy hairstyles that make second-day hair look amazing!

Love Blair

Looped Half-Bun

The ultimate lazy-girl hairstyle, this looped half-bun is perfect on mid-length hair. Spray some dry shampoo on your roots and rub in with your fingers, then loop the top third of your hair into a mini bun—simple and so much more interesting than your go-to bedhead waves.

A Fashion Love Affair

Twisted Messy Fishtail

Some fishtails are perfectly braided—this isn’t one of those. Gather your hair into a low ponytail, leaving two two-inch pieces hanging at your crown. Braid your low ponytail into a messy fishtail, then wrap the two strands left around the hair elastic. Confused? Click here for the full instructions.

Meghan Kay Sadler

Double-Knotted Pony

What’s better than a knotted pony? A double-knotted pony, obviously. Click here for the step-by-step!

Model at fashion week

Kirstin Sinclair / Getty Images

Braided Ponytail

The best part about this style? You can make the braid as chunky as you like.

Joey Kennedy

Chignon Twist

Curly strands flattened and all over the place after last night’s sleep? Tame them into this simple chignon twist—instructions right this way.

Bubble braid


Bubble Braid

This bubbled pony is ideal for textured second- (or third-) day hair. Just spray a texture spray or dry shampoo from the middle of your hair shaft to the roots, then secure clear elastics along your low ponytail, pulling each section apart to create a “bubble” effect.

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