This Brow-Thickening Serum Is a Total Game Changer

Tonya Crooks is an eyebrow mastermind. After all, she's worked her magic on celebs like Megan Fox and Julia Roberts, two women who each have a seriously impressive set of brows. So when we learned that she had developed her very own brow serum that actually helps grow thicker, fuller brows, we jumped at the chance to try it.

The beauty behind this product is that it has a three-speed vibrating brush that goes to work on thin hairs, depositing a revolutionary serum, something Crooks has dubbed "Restoplex Technology." We're not entirely sure what this means, but when something works, you don't question it, am I right? What we do know is that her mysterious (and safe) formula is actually conditioning and strengthening your brow hairs, making them look like they did before we were introduced to tweezers and wax—hence the name Second Chance. (Remember how much we loathed our brows back in the day? If only we could go back and talk to our middle school selves.)

Crooks, aka The BrowGal, says this product will transform your brows in a month, and after only two weeks of use, we definitely saw results. Cheers to better brows in 2016! 

Would you ever try a product like this? How do you keep your brows looking full? Tell us in the comments!