New Seaweed Tastes Like Bacon, Is Healthier Than Kale

Hot on the heels of all that kale drama, news of a potentially perfect food has hit the scene. As reported on, scientists from Oregon State University have invented a red seaweed that, wait for it, tastes like BACON. The development is being touted by the researchers as "the next big superfood" and "healthier than kale." And, since the drool-inducing snack has loads of nutritional value, we won't have to feel guilty for indulging. Um, can you taste the brunch potential here? We wonder if this could be a healthy substitute for some of the recipes in Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama’s Bacon Nation ($10).

What do you think of the new invention? Is seaweed that tastes like bacon the best news ever or no replacement for the real thing? Let us know in the comments!