Scented Heaven

A candle may just be wax and wick, but not many things this small can have such a huge impact on your home. From their enveloping scent to their beautiful jars (that'll last long after the candle's burnt out), these are a few of our recently released favorites. Good luck choosing just one. **Floral** Diptyque's black and white oval logo might be the most recognizable in the world of high-end candles. The French brand's new Rose Duet ($65) is a blend of two popular scents--Baies and Roses--creating a powdery floral that smells fresh and not-at-all old-fashioned. Want something feminine but slightly less girly? Royal Apothic's Velvet Dahlia Luminarie Candle ($28) has notes of mandarin and red wine among its florals. **Fruity** If you're looking for something fruity, try Voluspa's Large Glass Jar Candle ($24) in Eden & Pear--the ripe pear scent is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom without being overly sweet. Linnea's Lights' Grapefruit Candle ($20) has a tart citrus scent, while Common Good's Bergamot Candle ($14) harnesses the sharp and sweet scent of an orange peel. Need a vacation? Try Capri Blue's Mercury Glass Jar Candle ($28) in Volcano instead; it's a tropical blend of citrus and lush green notes. **Warm & Sexy** Even the girliest girl can adore a masculine home fragrance, which is why we love a new crop of warm and complex scents taking candle form. Our favorites include MCMC's Dude No. 1 Candle ($48), which delivers notes of sandalwood, pink peppercorn, and coriander. Belstaff's Black Absinthe Candle ($68) is an office favorite with its sexy blend of exotic woods, dark absinthe, tobacco, and patchouli. Meanwhile, Atelier Cologne's Grand Neroli Candle ($50) harnesses musk, orange blossom flowers, and vanilla. So whether your new candle becomes a coffee table fixture or a bathroom accent, go ahead and light one up.