Scentbird vs. ScentBox: How To Choose the Best Fragrance Subscription for You

Both services have a lot in common, but there are a few differences when it comes to plan options and scent selection.

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The magic of perfumes may not be easy to put into words, but for anyone who loves switching up their fragrance based on their mood, the season, or even the time of day, trying new scents has never been easier thanks to fragrance subscription boxes. However, narrowing down which service is your best option can be a little trickier. To help you come to a decision, we did a deep dive on two of the most popular fragrance subscriptions around: Scentbird and ScentBox. 

Fragrance subscriptions like Scentbird and ScentBox are an affordable—and delightful—way to test out which scents appeal most to you on your own time. You don’t have to commit to a full-sized bottle before you’re ready, nor do you need to hit the store to sniff an array of scents all at once. Read on to learn what Scentbird and ScentBox have to offer, how they work, and what sets them apart.

About Scentbird

As a Scentbird customer, you’ll receive one eight-milliliter bottle (about 120 sprays) of a perfume or cologne of your choosing every month. With your first month’s shipment, you’ll also receive a free, reusable atomizer case to hold your perfume vial. Narrowing down from a list of 600+ scents (from brands including BROWN GIRL Jane, Burberry, Confessions of a Rebel, and more) is also easy, thanks to Scentbird’s helpful tools and lists. 

Signing up for a Scentbird subscription begins with a fragrance quiz that recommends scents based on your responses. Alternatively, you can find scents by browsing Scentbird’s bestsellers, new releases, and clean scents pages or choosing specific scents that have certain notes that appeal to you. Just be aware that if you don’t have a fragrance in your queue when it’s time for your box to ship, Scentbird will automatically send you its featured fragrance of the month. Additionally, premium fragrances add an extra $5, $10, or $15 fee to your total cost, along with any extras like candles, makeup, and bath products. 

If you’d prefer to get more than one scent per box, you can easily upgrade your Scentbird plan to get either two or three bottles in your box. Moreover, you can also adjust your delivery schedule to ship bimonthly or quarterly, or you pause it for up to three months if you need a break.

scentbird subscription product
Scentbird Scentbird Subscription $16.95

About ScentBox

ScentBox will send your pick of an eight-milliliter bottle of perfume or cologne every month. If you want more than one scent, you can upgrade your plan to receive two or three bottles per month. ScentBox also offers free shipping within the U.S., and a storefront with bath and body products, full-size bottles of fragrance, and candles. 

The company offers a three-tiered plan, each differing in the amount and selection of scents available. Base plan subscribers can choose from around 600+ fragrances from major brands like Carolina Herrera, Giorgio Armani, Juliette Has A Gun, and more. Meanwhile, premium and platinum members can select from 850+ or 1000+ scents, respectively.

ScentBox sends you a new refillable travel sprayer with each bottle, which is handy if you haven’t finished one of your scents before your next shipment. ScentBox also lets you exchange a scent for free if you don’t love the one you selected. Additionally, if you want to send a friend a scent, you can go into your account to change the shipping address for next month’s delivery. 

scentbox product
ScentBox ScentBox Subscription $16.95

Scentbird vs. ScentBox: How Do They Compare?


  • Base price: $16.95
  • Free shipping? Yes (within the U.S.)
  • Sample size: Eight-milliliter bottle
  • Available brands: BROWN GIRL Jane, Burberry, Confessions of a Rebel, Creed, Givenchy, Tom Ford, rag & bone, Prada, and more
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly, every two months, or every three months
  • No. of fragrances per shipment: 1-3
  • Option to buy full-size bottles? Yes


  • Base price: $16.95
  • Free shipping? Yes (within the U.S.)
  • Sample size: Eight-milliliter bottle
  • Available brands: Byredo, Chloe, Juliette Has A Gun, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, and more
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • No. of fragrances per shipment: 1-3
  • Option to buy full-size bottles? Yes

How Much Is Scentbird vs. ScentBox?

Scentbird Plans & Pricing

  • Base Plan: 1 fragrance per month ($16.95/month)
  • 2 fragrances per month ($27/month) 
  • 3 fragrances per month ($37/month)

ScentBox Plans & Pricing

  • Standard Plan: 1 fragrance per month ($16.95/month)
  • Premium Plan: 1 fragrance per month with access to 250+ premium fragrances ($21.95/month)
  • Platinum Plan: 1 fragrance per month with access to 150+ platinum and 250+ premium fragrances ($30.95/month)
  • Standard Plan: with 2 fragrances per month ($28.95/month) 
  • Premium Plan: with 2 fragrances per month ($36.95/month)
  • Platinum Plan: with 2 fragrances per month ($56.95/month)
  • Standard Plan: with 3 fragrances per month ($40.95/month) 
  • Premium Plan: with 3 fragrances per month ($52.95/month)
  • Platinum Plan: with 3 fragrances per month ($77.95/month)

Scentbird Customer Reviews

Scentbird customers say they appreciate the range of fragrances available on Scentbird, generally reporting they’re happy with the products they received. Many reviewers also shared that they’ve discovered new fragrances through its subscription. Scentbird reviewers also give high marks to the ease and robust ways to search for and find scents on the site, and for the company’s user-friendly app. 

In order to cancel a subscription with Scentbird, you have to email customer support—you can’t do it through the website. Reviews noted this drawback and wished that the process was a little more streamlined to ensure that your cancellation request gets completed in time before your next shipment. There’s also been a negative reaction to the company’s new atomizer case design, which some feel is a downgrade from the original product, along with reports of some products being out of stock. 

ScentBox Customer Reviews

ScentBox customers laud the company’s impressive array of fragrances, its user-friendly website, and its three-tiered plan that can be customized to suit scent preferences and budgets. ScentBox reviewers report generally positive experiences with customer service and appreciate the ease of canceling a subscription directly through the website.  

Some ScentBox subscribers say that the fragrances they wanted the most were typically locked behind the more expensive tiers, leading to some disappointment. Additionally, there have been complaints of shipping delays as of late, which has led to frustration for those eagerly awaiting their next box.

Pros and Cons



  • Accessible and well-organized website simplifies shopping experience
  • Solid range of scents to choose from, from niche brands to major names 
  • Details about fragrances are provided on the Scentbird site and in monthly box 
  • Can choose delivery frequency and the number of samples in each shipment   
  • No shipping fees added at checkout 


  • Canceling requires an email to the customer service department
  • Certain perfumes and colognes cost an extra fee



  • New atomizer travel bottle is included with each fragrance 
  • Allows subscribers to change address on shipments for gifting
  • Can exchange scents without paying an extra fee  
  • No shipping fees added at checkout
  • Can easily cancel subscription online


  • Some of the most popular scents are exclusive to high-tier, pricier memberships
  • Reports of some customers experiencing shipping delays

More Perfume Subscriptions

Though Scentbird and ScentBox are two of the big names in the fragrance subscription space, that doesn’t mean they’re the only options. There are subscriptions that specialize in scents for people with sensitive skin, exclusively promote niche fragrances, or simply have different features or offerings to choose from. Here are a few other worthy contenders: 

LUXSB — Luxury ScentBox

  • Base Price: $15.95
  • Free Shipping? Yes 
  • Sample Size: Nine-mililiters

Luxury ScentBox (LUXSB) ships your choice of fragrances from over 800 scents every month. You’ll get a free protective case with your first order and every quarterly delivery after that. It should also be noted that sample-size scents come in a slightly larger nine-milliliter bottle instead of the eight-milliliter offerings from Scentbird and ScentBox. You can even order a full bottle at a discount as well. However, certain exclusive or niche fragrances do have an upgrade fee of $5 to $10, adding to the base price. 

Skylar Scent Club

  • Base Price: $20
  • Free Shipping? No
  • Sample Size: 10-milliliters

Unlike some of the other subscription services, Skylar only sells its own line of vegan and cruelty-free fragrances. Each month, you’ll receive a limited-edition, 10-milliliter rollerball fragrance, though you have the option to skip or swap your scent before your order ships. Skylar fragrances are designed for—and tested on—people with skin sensitivities. Though it’s impossible to avoid all allergens, Skylar steers clear of the most common irritants, artificial dyes, parabens, and more. 


  • Base Price: $20
  • Free Shipping? Yes 
  • Sample Size: Two-milliliters (you receive three in each box for six-milliliter total)  

At Olfactif, you’ll discover niche perfumes from around the world that you won’t find in most department stores. Each month, you get a curated package of three, two-milliliter vials, all centered around a theme, making Olfactif an excellent choice if you’re a dabbler with your fragrances. Just note that since the company mainly specializes in smaller labels, you won’t find any major fragrance brands at Olfactif.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to a Scentbird vs. ScentBox comparison, these two popular services have a lot in common, including pricing and bottle size. However, the main difference between these two brands is the product selection. Each service offers certain scents you won’t find elsewhere, so the best way to pick between Scentbird vs. ScentBox is to explore what’s available on each service. After you get a feel for each brand’s selection, sign up for the subscription that carries perfumes and colognes that appeal most to you.

  • How Many Perfumes Do You Get in a Perfume Subscription Box?

    Perfume subscription boxes typically come with one to three travel-size bottles. Ideally, this is enough product to last you about a month (your next delivery, likely) if you use them daily.

  • How Big Are the Bottles in a Perfume Subscription Box?

    Most perfume subscription boxes contain vials that store anywhere between eight to 10-milliliters of scent. However, other brands such as Olfactif, may send multiple two-milliliter bottles each month instead. Double-check each service’s policy and details before committing to a subscription.

  • How Often Do Perfume Subscription Boxes Get Delivered?

    Most perfume subscription boxes are delivered monthly. However, some services like Scentbird offer the option to pause your subscription or switch to a bimonthly or quarterly plan instead.

  • Do Perfume Subscriptions Include Knockoff Fragrances?

    Legitimate perfume subscription services will never send you knockoff fragrances. Although, be aware that you won’t receive your perfume or cologne sample in the same design bottle the scent is sold in at full size. If you’re in love with a gorgeous bottle from a specific brand, you’ll need to find it elsewhere.

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