How to Dress Like a Scandinavian Street Style Star, According to Experts

Norwegian fashion influencer Nnenna Echem wears a shearling coat, striped button-down, beanie, and jeans


From Matilda Djerf to Sylvie Mus, Scandinavian street style stars dominate social media feeds and inspire major outfit envy with their simple yet unexpected approach to fashion. Thanks to skilled layering and an ever-present sense of cool, Nordic influencers can transform a simple button-down and a pair of jeans into something revolutionary. 

Despite the uncomplicated formula, replicating effortless Scandinavian style can require a bit more effort than it first appears. If you've attempted to recreate the leisurely layering on your social feeds with no luck, never fear, as we've put together just the crash course you need. 

Ahead, we spoke with a professional stylist and a Nordic fashion influencer for tips on dressing like your favorite Scandinavian street style stars, and their advice may surprise you. Find our favorite pointers ahead.

Meet the Expert

What Is Scandinavian Style?

Before you can embody the Nordic aesthetic, you have to understand the basics of Scandinavian style. When asked to describe it, Oslo native fashion influencer Nnenna Echem tells a tale of two styles: chic minimalism and unencumbered maximalism. “In Norway and Sweden, the style tends to look more elegant and refined—almost Parisian,” she says. In fact, Echem has nicknamed Stockholm the “Scandi-Paris.”  On the contrary, “in Denmark, they embrace colors, prints, and individuality. It is almost like the cool, older sister,” Echem says. 

Regardless of which way you lean, Scandinavian influence is visible in all sorts of aesthetics. New York City-based stylist Audree Kate López recognizes the region's impact in the following principles: comfort, care, and cool. “It’s laid back without looking messy, it’s classic without being boring, and above all, it’s easy to wear,” she says.

How to Dress More Scandinavian

Keep It Simple

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, effortlessness is key. “Less is more—the key to Scandinavian style is embodying that minimalist feel to an outfit,” López says, suggesting keeping your jewelry and other accessories to a minimum. Instead, she says to “choose one item to be the star of the look, and build from there.”

Layer Like a Pro

The Nordic climate is cold, so Scandinavian street style stars know well that layering is key, especially during the winter months. “Layering is super helpful in colder climates,” López says. “This way, you can add or take off light layers as needed without needing to wear your puffer coat at a seated dinner.” 

Not only does layering keep you warm in chilly temps, but it also keeps your wardrobe fresh. “It is also a great way to make your closet feel versatile without needing to own a ton of unique pieces,” López says. “This will help you maximize your outfits so you don't feel like you're wearing the same concept every day.”

Prioritize Comfort

Comfort is essential in looking effortless, as few have ever looked effortless with pinched toes in stilettos. López suggests swapping platform heels for sneakers or stylish flats, and Echem opts for oversized silhouettes.

Invest in Staples

Calling all outfit repeaters: Scandinavian fashion encourages wearing your favorite pieces again and again (see layering), so it's important to invest in made-to-last items that you really love. Echem has noticed more Scandinavian brands opting for higher quality, eco-friendly materials instead of cheaper, mass-produced fabrics.

The Best Pieces for Building Your Scandinavian Street Style Wardrobe

The Button-Down

Whether you go with white, striped, or cerulean, a classic button-down shirt is integral to any Scandinavian wardrobe. Wear it on its own for a minimalist look, or layer it under a bright sweater for a more unexpected combination.

The Slip Dress

If you're looking to make the most of your wardrobe, a slip dress is paramount. A light and airy look, you can ground the piece with a pair of sneakers or dress it up with kitten heels.

The Trusty Trousers

Scandinavian street style stars have shown that trousers are worthy of much more than just the office. Find a wide leg silhouette for a comfy, everyday pair.

The Colorful Cardigan

Achieve your dopamine dressing dreams with a rainbow-hued sweater. Wear it with light wash denim for a casual look, or layer over your slip dress for something more formal.

The Go-To Denim

A good pair of jeans is key to a Scandinavian wardrobe—or any wardrobe, for that matter. Settle on a silhouette you feel comfortable in and get ready to mix and match.

The Sneakers

Remember what we said about comfort? Sneakers allow you to move freely, plus there are more stylish options available than ever. Next time you feel like slipping into your heels, give a pair of trainers a try, and you just might feel especially cool-girl chic.

The Statement Coat

Another trend arising from the cold Nordic climate, statement coats are meant to do just that: Make a statement. Just because something stands out doesn’t mean you have to limit how often you wear it. Instead, get comfortable rocking bold looks, and embrace the confidence boost as you develop your signature style.

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