The 5 Beauty Looks Scandi Women Are Wearing Right Now

Updated 05/01/18

When it comes to effortlessly cool beauty, Scandi women do it best. Every look tends to be low-key and kinda functional, but in a really beautiful way. The aesthetic is pretty but not whimsical, it’s cool but not edgy—everything is just so. If you shop in COS or Arket, then you’ll know what I mean.

Having been perusing the Instagram accounts of some of Scandinavia’s finest influencers, I’ve started to notice common themes in the beauty looks I’ve spied. Everything is very less is more, which is why makeup doesn’t feature heavily in my findings. These women would choose a glowing complexion over a baked one any day of the week. Hair is where they do tend to get a bit playful, however. Intrigued? Check out the five trends I discovered and get inspired.

The Easy Fringe

Scandi beauty trends: the easy fringe

A full fringe can be too much commitment. Dip your toe in with a piecey full fringe like Jeanette Madsen's instead. It’s super versatile and can be worn with a centre part or swept to the side depending on your mood.

Imperceptible Highlights

Scandi beauty trends: subtle highlights

The best highlights are the ones that look like they’ve been created by the sun on your travels rather than by a gloved hairdresser brandishing a bowl of bleach. You can fake it with balayage and a colourist with a light touch. Once you’ve gone lighter remember that even if the merest hint of bleach needs a good conditioner, we love Living Proof Restore Mask (£37).

The Hair Tuck

Scandi beauty trends: the hair tuck

There are fewer cooler and easier hairstyling moves than the hair tuck. You may think you need a winter coat or thick knit to achieve an expert hair tuck, but you can use a spring jacket or silk scarf. Not only does it make you look instantly more sophisticated, and hence more Scandi, it’s a free way to experiment with a shorter ’do.

Everyday Monochrome Makeup

Scandi beauty trends: monochrome makeup

Monochrome makeup has been used by glam squad makeup artists on red carpets for years, but a single-toned makeup look (that’s using the same colour on eyes, lips and cheeks) taken down a notch or two (think creamy textures and softer tones) can look beautiful in the day. Use Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach (£30), which can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks, then finish the look with mascara and a little highlighter like Ciaté London Dewy Stix in Gleam (£17).

Functional Hair Accessories

Scandi beauty trends: claw clip

Hair accessories can, for some people, feel like too much of a look. But a functional accessory like this claw clip is there to hold hair up. The combination of function and low-key styling (read: loose tendrils) makes this look a total winner. Re-create the look with the Amber Jewellery Large Claw Clip (£5).

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