Saweetie Wears This Melt-Proof Makeup to Look “Flawless” on Stage

The Icy Grl tells all.


@Saweetie / Instagram

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So, go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

Saweetie has a busy schedule filled with making music, traveling, performing, curating her charismatic social presence, and signing huge endorsement deals. If you’re amongst her 12.8M followers on Instagram, you know she also looks glam while doing it.

According to the rapper, her makeup has to be on point from the moment she gets up from the makeup chair to the end of her day when she heads to bed. She also needs those looks to last when she’s putting on a show. That's why she sticks to her favorites. "I've worn M.A.C. on stage and my makeup doesn't move. It still looks flawless right after a performance," Saweetie tells us exclusively.

So, when the cosmetic brand asked the 28-year-old to join #MACChallengeAccepted, a campaign designed to put its high-performing makeup to the ultimate durability test, the California-born beauty jumped at the opportunity. We know that’s right!

"I'm just so excited. Like I would scream right now, but I just don't want to hurt your ears," she enthusiastically shares while chatting on a Zoom call. The multi-talented rapper spoke to her plans to play volleyball, one of her favorite sports, with a full face of M.A.C. products. "I finally have a little bit of time off this month, so when I play, we're gonna find out if a full beat can last through a few games."

Curious about her everyday lifestyle, we tapped the Icy Grl to learn what makes her feel her iciest, the biggest beauty secret she learned from her mom Trinidad, and what she has to have with her every time she travels.

Ahead learn more about Saweetie, along with her beauty must-haves.

The One Thing That Makes Her Feel Icy

"An Icy Grl has a certain mentality—she's independent. The Icy Grl is determined to achieve her goals and dreams. I feel my iciest when I'm around these kinds of girls.

"When I'm around my dancers, their vibe is amazing. I love being around fun, confident, and beautiful women who are comfortable to be in their own skin. That makes me comfortable to be in my skin because it's empowering energy ping-ponging back and forth."

The One Product That Makes Her Feel Glamorous

"I feel super glamorous when I got the DAZZLEGLASS ($19) from M.A.C. on my lips."


The One Essential She Always Travels With

"I get cold easily, so I always make sure to have my blanket from home. I never know if the airplane I'm going to get on will have blankets. As long as everybody knows that it's my cover, and doesn't touch it, then we're all good. I have to have a good cover with me."

The One Thing Steps She Never Skips In Her Beauty Routine

"Honestly, my mom told me I need to stop, but I'm addicted to popping my pimples and blackheads. I don't care if I get a scar. I just need it off my face. When the pimples become cysts, that's when I stop, that's my boundary. But any other type of pimples I'm like ‘what’s going on over here?’

"I have my own little aesthetician kit with tweezers, nose strips from Biore, and other essentials. I love to have a nice clean slate of skin so I groom myself every night before I go to sleep. I don't ever want my skin catching up to me."

The One Thing Her Mother Taught Her About Beauty

"My mom taught me the importance of taking care of my skin ever since I was a little girl. At a young age, she encouraged me to use sunblock. She explained that sunblock is important because you don't see sunspots until eight to 10 years later. She taught me the importance of taking my skin now so that I can look good later."

The One Thing She’s Looking Forward to in 2022

"I think January is definitely going to be icy—no pun intended. I can't wait for y'all to listen to this music and finally see this campaign, along with all of the pictures."

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