The 6 Best Products to Use If You Want Sasha Obama's Brand-New Hair Color

Updated 06/14/18
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Confession: We've pretty much all but forgotten the majority of Technicolor-mermaid-unicorn hair looks which made their predictable appearance at Coachella last month. But when a former first daughter debuts a new, unexpected, and gorgeous shade of hair at Washington D.C.'s Broccoli City Fest? Well, color us intrigued. The daughter in question is the youngest of the Obama family, Sasha, who, in addition to hanging out with Cardi B in the VIP section of the music festival, was also sporting a brand-new shade of hair: vibrant teal–dipped ends.


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And while many celebrities have been testing out neon-colored hair recently, we've yet to see one of the Obama sisters diverge from their signature jet-black shade. Will this be the start of a new hair color era for Sasha? We're not sure. One thing we do know, however, is we're already feeling the itch to go aquamarine for summer. Thus, it only made sense to round up six of the best temporary and semi-permanent hair color products that can effortlessly impart a tone similar to Sasha's without the hassle of salon visits, bleach, or maintenance.

Keep scrolling for six of our favorites! 

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Full Coverage $16

This conditioning treatment from Lime Crime, known for its whimsical colors and overall aesthetic, will add deeper color to lighter strands and a subtler tint to darker. Plus, it will never leave hair damaged or dry and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Mani Panic High Voltage Classic Color Cream in Voodoo Blue $14

This mysterious shade of blue just might be one of the most infamous colors in the Manic Panic line (which is a cult favorite among perpetual hair turners). Ready to use, vegan, and ammonia-free, this one admittedly works best on pre-bleached hair or strands naturally on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Overtone Extreme Teal Deep Treatment $29

Here at Byrdie, we're big fans of Overtone and its customizable line of conditioners, which lend variations of temporary color to all shades of hair. (It's the same brand wellness editor Victoria Hoff worked with to achieve her gorge pink strands.) So how does it work? Use the product weekly to add a dose of saturated pigment to tresses while simultaneously supplementing with salon-worthy health and shine. Simply leave it on for 10 minutes in lieu of your go-to conditioner. Or if you want more impact, apply it to dry hair instead.


Joico Color Intensity Color Butter $20

As the go-to temporary color choice of hair-daring celebs like Katy Perry and Nicole Richie, we'd trust Joico's beloved color butters (which infuse hair with a luminous shine to boot) to turn our hair to the blue side any day. Plus, it only takes five minutes.

Hush Prism Airbrush Spray $24

For a rich yet totally temporary touch of color, look no further than this handy royal blue spray from Hush. In addition to working with every kind of color and texture—from thick and curly to fine and thin—it also manages to keep hair looking healthy, full of dimension, and, in the brand's words, "sophisticated." The shades are also meant to be buildable, which makes it a great way to dip your toe into the world of color if it's foreign territory for you.

IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam $22

Disclaimer: This lightweight foam is more of a cherry-on-top accent to your already blue hair. (See any of the above.) But it's just too fun to leave out, and to a point, it does deliver hair with a subtle sheen of pigment. Here's how it works: As your hair naturally moves in the light, the deposited color will shift from blue to purple and back again while delivering a tinge of eye-catching iridescence. 

And there you have it! Six of our favorite ways to channel Sasha Obama's brand-new hair color. 

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